• Happy Fall Y’all!

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The Rosie Purses Collection

Slingback Bag Junior

Small Purses

Medium Purses

Large Purses

Discontinued Items

Dimensions of the Purses

When shopping online it can sometimes be hard to see the actual size of the item that you are purchasing....pictures can be so decieving!  The deminsions of the purses that are available for sale are listed below.

*  Lil' Buttercup Bags - 12 inches in length x 7 inches in width. (Discontinued Item)

*  Big Buttercup Bags -  12 inches in lenth x 9 inches in height x 5 width

*  Squared Up Purse - 11.5 inches in length x 13 inches in height x 4.5 inches in width. (Discontinued Item)

*  Expandable Purses - 9 inches or 17 inches in length x 9 inches in height x 5 inches in width

*  Slingback Bags - 10 inches in length x 21 inches in height x 3 inches in width 

*  Slingback Bag Jr - 16 inches in height x 8 inches in length x 2.5 inches in width 

*  Sunshine Pouches - 10.5 inches in width x 7.5 inches in height x 3 inches in dep

*  Rosie Purses - 11 inches in width x 8 inches in height x 4 inches in depth 

*  Big Bags - 16 inches in length x 11 inches in height x 7 inches in width 

*  Charlotte Purses - 12 inches in width x 11 inches in height x 6 inches in depth 

*  Bonnie Bucket Bag (both hobo bag and backpack style) - 15 inches in height x 13 inches in width x 6 inches in width 

Time for Wine

Slingback Bag Collection

Stitching Awesome Shop's Story

Stitching Awesome Shop was launched in December of 2019.  When I was told that I would never be able to work again I could not fathum that idea.  I would sit for hours on end trying to come up with ideas on how to financially support myself when a dear family friend asked if I could design and make her an overnight bag and a couple purses.  I was eager to get started and actually have something to do with my day. I made the items in a short time frame, and my friend was estatic with the products!  It was then I realized that I love to sew and create items...so why not make that my new job!  Originally I was naming the business ML Designs, but my son came up with the catchy name of Stitching Awesome Shop and it stuck!  

From here I begun selling items on Facebook and my Etsy shop.  I tried a few craft shows, but I wanted to branch out and build a bigger customer base.  

All of the products are handmade and created especially for you by myself.  I prided myself on the small business touch -- each purse is carefully wrapped in tissue paper and shipped within the very next business day.  I have a 5 star-rating on Etsy, and go out of my way to continue to uphold that standard to each and everyone of my customers.  If my customers see a purse they like, but it might not be the right color -- all they have to do is tell me.  I do offer special requests and orders at the same affordable rates.  

In the future, I would like to add a lugage line to my collection list.  Within this line there will be carry-on bags and overnight bags.  I am also in the process of designing tablet and/or laptop bags for those on the go.  I am very excited about the new collections!

Thank you for being a valued customer to the Stitching Awesome Shop!  I appreciate each and every one of you!

I love the new purses!  You do nice work, Mandy.  Thanks very much for shipping them so promply, especially in this day and age.  Take care!

Brenda Wickett

Love, love, love the new style of bags you created!

Tiffany McKain

Thank you Mandy for the wonderful bags.  We all love them very much!  You are one hell of a seamtress!

Julie Smith

Reasonable prices, nice variety, and can special order!

Mary Whitney

Love my bag!  So many pockets!

Dawn Blonien